Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cheap Enamel Dot Review

Hi guys,

I have a very exciting review to do today. Yesterday I received my beloved Enamel Dots from china. I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know if they would live up to the quality of the ones I can get my hands on here in Australia. I ordered the enamel dots from a website called 'Ali Express' a wholesale distributor direct from china (they all sell all kinds of goodies not just crafty things). OK so you are probably wondering how much they were and was it worth the wait? Because its a wholesale website you will barely find an item where you can buy small quantities of so below I wrote down all the specs of the item;

  • 10 different color packs
  • 5 of each color pack
  • Total I got 50 packs of Enamel Dots.
  • Each packet contains 54 Enamel Dots.
  • Cost - $80 and free shipping. ( Each pack works out to be $1.60 each)
  • It took 3 weeks to get here.

I don't know about you but the above information is very exciting because the cost of the packs work out to be so cheap, I mean try getting enamel dots of that price anywhere in Australia or online!!! 

So now lets talk about the quality of the enamel dots. One huge plus for me which I know is a huge plus for a lot of you guys out there too is that, the sizes of the enamel dots are perfect. They do not have huge ones ( which most of the time we struggle to use). The colors are so varied. There are so many shades of colors and the quality is as excellent as other Enamel dots I have ever bought. The one thing that some of you may have a problem with is paying $80 upfront just for Enamel Dots however if you know that you regularly use them in the long run you are going to save a ton of money. 

I hope you enjoyed my review please leave me a comment letting me know if you would get these your selves. 

This is how I received it. 

These are all the color packs. 

This is how I decided to store them!! 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Cardboard 'Peace' Wall Art

Hi guys,

Told you today would bring on adventures. I saw a post somewhere about cardboards and it really inspired me to create my own cardboard art. I used the packaging cardboard from my Kmart trolleys. Ripped it here and there to give it the aged effect. Gessod it up. Then I used a mix of water colors and tea bags and acrylics to paint the background. For the letters I used banner stencils from Typo. Aged the sides with some Stampin up Chocolate chip ink pad and a sponge dauber. Va laa this is what I created.....

Here are some before shots of the cardboard wall art


Water Color Letter Technique

Morning guys,

As usual I started the morning with checking social media and then watched YouTube videos in bed for like an hour.
I haven't got much planned for today but I am sure a whole lot of stuff will come up and fill my day!
Last night I was playing with some new watercolors I got and I was really more like just seeing how vibrant the colors turn out on the paper. Then I decided to combine some of my Alpha stamps (from Typo) with the watercolors and came up with this cute little design. I really love how it turned out and I dedicated the little message to my best friend (my hubby) on my Instagram page (@filizlovepaper).

I love how sometimes the simplest technique can look the most effective. I mean some days I try and try, paint and paint and I just don't achieve the look I am going for, Where as yesterday just by accident I stumbled across this awesome little technique that I will sure use over and over again. 
Alright time for me to get on with my day and all the awesome crafty adventures that are waiting for me.

Talk very soon again

Have an awesome day 


Craft Room Makeover

Hey Guys,

Hope you guys been well. I been well or should I say I am well now that my little adventure is over. This morning I woke up and decided it was time to change my whole craft room around and pretty much re organise everything. Since I was fasting ( you know Ramadan, mm not eating till sun down) so there was no need for breakfast and off I went to brush my teeth and got straight into it. I don't honestly know how I finished but I did. Once I sorta had the room the way I wanted, I relised that I needed some more storage units so I decided I would go to the shops and plus I also needed some veggies for the stir fry I was gonna cook up for dinner. I found some bathroom trolleys at Kmart that I knew would be perfect for what I wanted. So grabbed them and as I am about to pay Guess what? Guess what happened? My card didn't work!!!!!!! ( Totally my worst nightmare) It hit me pretty quickly why it wasn't working. Now ladies I have a tip for you when your husbands inform you of something, don't just brush it off and forget about it. Do listen! So that you don't have to be stuck in a situation like I had today. We recently upgraded our bank cards and he told me that my old cards wouldn't work and that I should set up my pin. So what did I do... mm kinda ignore what he said!!!!! Bad decision I tell ya!!!!! Bad Bad decision!!!!! So anyway I had to leave my trolley of awesome goodies at Kmart, Rush back home. Grab my cards. Head to Comm bank. Sort my cards out. Rush back to Kmart hoping to still find my trolley where I hid it!!!! Yes to my surprise I found it exactly where I left it. I swear you had to see the relief and the joy and the happiness on my face. It was probably hilarious!!! Then payed for my goodies, bought my veggies and off I went home. I cooked up a great stir fry and enjoyed a lovely dinner with the hubby. After all that, I finished up my room and here I am writing about it to you guys.... mmm so yeah I have had one adventurous day. So worth it tho. Anyways enjoy the photos from today.



Monday, 6 July 2015

What's playing on my Ipod?

The Serendipity Soundtrack!!! In particular the song 'waiting in vain' by Annie Lennox. This movie is like my favourite of all time. I am like so tempted to watch it right now but busy crafting. What are you guys listening to today??

Paper Bow Tutorial

What you need to create these bows. 
1.A piece of paper at 1" x 7 1/8" 
2.Envelope Punch Board
4.Piece of scrap to wrap in the middle ( you can have this as thick or as thin as you like)
5.Bone Folder

                What you need                    
Step 1. Line you paper at 1 1/2" on your board and punch 
Step 2. Line your paper at 3 1/2" and punch 
Step 3. Flip your paper so you are still working on the same side and punch at 1 1/2"
Repeat step 1
Repeat Step 2
                               Repeat Step 3
Once you have punched both sides of the paper. You should have something that looks like this.
Line the 1 inch side one at a time ( center it) and punch
                    Once punched you should have a edge that looks like this.                 
Once both edges are punched it should look like this.
These are the items you need to complete your bow.
In this step take your bone folder and curve the insides
Fold the Flaps back
Put glue on the back side in the middle 
Press the flaps into middle where the glue is
Once glued at the back your bow should look like this
Finally just wrap your scrap piece in the middle and glue it secure.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.Please leave me a comment letting me know if you would like to see more of these types of tutorials. 

Good Morning

Morning lovelies,
I am still in my bed and been here for like an hour just on social media not knowing what kind of crafty adventures today will bring. Looking forward to it tho. Hope you all have a wonderful day where ever you are!!!

Creating Texture

I love to paint textured paintings. Its prob my style when I do paint and I also enjoy looking at textured paintings. Tonight hubby wasnt home and music was playing and I decided play with some rubbish!! YEP!! you heard right rubbish!!! Most the textures created here are from my bin. Just bits n bobs. Since not owning any shimmer spritz or shimmer paints I mixed some of my powdered make up with some acryclic paints.
I hope this post inspires you to rummage through your bin and create some awesome textures.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Typewriter Frame Insert

We all love a good room decor. An item that is going to spruce your space. I love to DIY as much as I can. Not only do I think it is much more meaningful when you have created something your self but also because It can be so cost effective. I love typewriters. Always have. Always will. So I had this typewriter stamp and some left over paper pad backing and instead of throwing out the chipboard paper backing,I decided to make a frame insert. I also had the perfect matching frame for it already at home. The typewriter stamp is from Riot!! I hope this post inspires you to create your own unique home decor pieces.

Arghh Technology!!!!!

I have a confession to make and that is that I am a total and utter technology noob!!! I really suck at techy things and recently I am watching more tutorials and reading to get my act together with my blog and the rest of my social media outlets. This is a promise that I will keep my blog up to date as of this moment!!!! Lets see how I go...

Thanks for stopping by