Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Craft Room Makeover

Hey Guys,

Hope you guys been well. I been well or should I say I am well now that my little adventure is over. This morning I woke up and decided it was time to change my whole craft room around and pretty much re organise everything. Since I was fasting ( you know Ramadan, mm not eating till sun down) so there was no need for breakfast and off I went to brush my teeth and got straight into it. I don't honestly know how I finished but I did. Once I sorta had the room the way I wanted, I relised that I needed some more storage units so I decided I would go to the shops and plus I also needed some veggies for the stir fry I was gonna cook up for dinner. I found some bathroom trolleys at Kmart that I knew would be perfect for what I wanted. So grabbed them and as I am about to pay Guess what? Guess what happened? My card didn't work!!!!!!! ( Totally my worst nightmare) It hit me pretty quickly why it wasn't working. Now ladies I have a tip for you when your husbands inform you of something, don't just brush it off and forget about it. Do listen! So that you don't have to be stuck in a situation like I had today. We recently upgraded our bank cards and he told me that my old cards wouldn't work and that I should set up my pin. So what did I do... mm kinda ignore what he said!!!!! Bad decision I tell ya!!!!! Bad Bad decision!!!!! So anyway I had to leave my trolley of awesome goodies at Kmart, Rush back home. Grab my cards. Head to Comm bank. Sort my cards out. Rush back to Kmart hoping to still find my trolley where I hid it!!!! Yes to my surprise I found it exactly where I left it. I swear you had to see the relief and the joy and the happiness on my face. It was probably hilarious!!! Then payed for my goodies, bought my veggies and off I went home. I cooked up a great stir fry and enjoyed a lovely dinner with the hubby. After all that, I finished up my room and here I am writing about it to you guys.... mmm so yeah I have had one adventurous day. So worth it tho. Anyways enjoy the photos from today.



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