Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Water Color Letter Technique

Morning guys,

As usual I started the morning with checking social media and then watched YouTube videos in bed for like an hour.
I haven't got much planned for today but I am sure a whole lot of stuff will come up and fill my day!
Last night I was playing with some new watercolors I got and I was really more like just seeing how vibrant the colors turn out on the paper. Then I decided to combine some of my Alpha stamps (from Typo) with the watercolors and came up with this cute little design. I really love how it turned out and I dedicated the little message to my best friend (my hubby) on my Instagram page (@filizlovepaper).

I love how sometimes the simplest technique can look the most effective. I mean some days I try and try, paint and paint and I just don't achieve the look I am going for, Where as yesterday just by accident I stumbled across this awesome little technique that I will sure use over and over again. 
Alright time for me to get on with my day and all the awesome crafty adventures that are waiting for me.

Talk very soon again

Have an awesome day 


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