Monday, 31 August 2015

'Midori Pocket Series' Pocket #3


Hope you all are well. Yet another monday has come and as you all know by now that means another Pocket Insert from the 'Midori Pocket Series'.

I mentioned in the video but thought I will mention here as well.  That although the title of the series is 'Midori Pocket Series' there is no reason why you can't take these pockets and use them in other regular planners too. The way you would do that is to basically not glue the pockets on to the base but instead glue them on to your planner dashboards or planner covers. The possibilities are absolutely endless. So I hope that little tip inspires you to take these pockets to a whole new level.

Anyways I want to keep writing but I really want to finish this video (including the blog post and everything...) because I need to get my project life done for last week and also I have a very exciting project I am working on which I will reveal on my youtube channel in the next week or so.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will speak to you all very very soon.




1 x Base
8" x 8 1/2"
Score 8 1/2" Side @ - 4", 4 1/2"

4 x Large Pockets
5" x 8 1/2"
Score 5" Side @ - 1/2", 4 1/2"
Score 8 1/2" Side @ - 1/2"

2 x Small Pockets
5" x 5 3/4"
Score 5" Side @- 1/2", 4 1/2"
Score 5 3/4" Side @ - 1/2"

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How I store my Project Life Cards


I wanted to share with you guys how I have decided to store my project life cards.

So the other day I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest on how to store my PL cards and I came across this mini magazine file and immediately fell in love with it. So as you all know by now I love to create 3D objects with paper.

I thought it was going to be a bit of a challenge but it really wasn't and after a few attempts I had the templates for both 3"x4" and 4"x6" project life card magazine files.

In the video I will be teaching you guys how to make these awesome magazines files plus I will also show you how I have stored them on my shelf.

I hope you enjoy the video and maybe this will be a great solution for storing your Pl cards too.




Small Magazine File ( 3" x 4" Pl Cards)
5 1/4" x 9 1/2"
Score on the 9 1/2" side @ 3",4 1/2", 7 1/2", 9"
Score on the 5 1/4" side @ 4 1/4"

Mat Pieces
2 - 2 3/4" x 4"
1- 1 1/4" x 4"
1 - 1 1/4 x 2"

Big Magazine File ( 4" x 6" Pl Cards)
7 1/4" x 11 1/2"
Score on the 11 1/2" Side @ 4", 5 1/2", 9 1/2", 11"
Score on the 7 1/4" Side @ 6 1/4"

Mat Pieces
2 - 3 3/4" x 6"
1- 1 1/4" x 6"
1 - 1 1/4" x 2 3/4"

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pl Layout Week 34

Hello lovelies,

I am still battling with what I thought was a flu but turns out more like a throat infection!! 
Since I barely slept last night and my voice pretty much doesn't exist I thought I will get my Project Life layout done for last week.
I think this will be the first time I am posting my Pl layout here on my blog!!! So YAY!

Anyway last week was a good week from Pl's point of view because I got upto a couple of things. Thats is good from Pl's point of view because there is more photos to share.

I am sure people out there who do weekly Pl can relate that some weeks can be really dull with barely anything except your usual routine. However I still think weekly Pl if you can keep up is the best form of Pl. Yes it can be struggle to keep up or have much to say but even that little bit you had to say or add to your pl will seem so important many years from now. 
That is what I keep in mind when I am doing Pl. Which brings me to a point and that is Journaling. I am a huge journaler (thats not a word, but you know what I mean). Although we may know what some of these pictures may mean to us now or even in a years time but most likely many many years from now we are not going to remember the small details of what these memories were all about and thats why I make sure I take the time to journal almost about every photo. 

I hope you enjoy last weeks layouts and I will speak to you all very soon. 



Sunday, 23 August 2015

Midori Pocket Series - Pocket #2


Second video of the 'Midori Pocket Series' is now up on my channel.

I have realised that I have not mentioned in my videos but these pocket are not just limited Travellers Notebooks. You can make parts of the pockets and glue them onto dashboards or front/back covers on another other planners, so keep that in mind.

I hope you enjoy the second video of the series and give this pocket insert a try.

Speak very soon



Base - 10 1/2" x 8"
Right Pocket - 4 1/2" x 12"
Left Pocket - 4" x 9"

10 1/2" Side Score @ - 4", 4 1/2", 8 1/2", 9"

Right Pocket
12" Side Score @ - 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", 2"
4 1/2" Side Score @ - 1/2"

Left Pocket
9" Side Score @ - 1/2", 8 1/2"
4' Side Score @ - 1/2"

Monday, 17 August 2015

Midori Pocket Series - pocket # 1


Finally after working so hard over the last few days. The time has come and I have uploaded the first video of the 'Midori Pocket Series'!!! How exciting.

Before I go on I just want to say thank you so so so soo much to everyone who has subscribed to my youtube channel. I appreciate you all heaps. It helps me out so much to have you guys as subscribers like you have no idea. So thank you a million times and I hope you stick around through out my youtube journey.

If you guys like my videos share it with your friends and just who ever you know so they don't miss out on the 'Filiz Love Paper' experience. ( hehe that was super cheesy but I love it)

So lets get back to this first video. Ok it has possibly got to be the hardest pocket I will teach in the whole series so it makes me wonder why I chose it to be the first lol mmm don't ask I don't know why.

It is a pocket full of pockets one that I can see so much use for in a travellers notebook.

I have written a blog post about all the tools you will need for the series and why? You can find it below it should be the post before this. If you haven't checked it out you can do so.

I hope that you enjoy the first video of the series and that you stick around for the rest of the 10 and become pocket maker experts ( because I reckon by the end of this series everyone will become pocket maker experts). 

Speak to you all very soon




2 Bases (Left Side) - 5" x 8" Score @ 1"

2 Pieces (Big Pockets Left Side) - 5 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Score on the 5 1/2" Side @ 1/2", 1", 4 1/2", 5"
Score on the 7 1/2" Side @ 7"

6 Pieces (Small Pockets Left Side) - 3 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Score on the 3 1/2" Side @ 1/2", 3"
Score on the 4 1/4" Side @ 1/2"

1 Base -  9" x 8'
Score on the 9" Side @ 4", 5"

1 Middle Pocket - 5"x 8 1/2"
Score on the 5" Side @ 1/2", 4 1/2"
Score on the 8 1/2" Side @ 8"

1 Piece (Big Pocket Right Side) - 6" x 7 1/2"
Score on the 6" Side @ 1/2", 1", 5", 5 1/2"
Score on the 7 1/2" Side @ 7"

1 Piece (Small Pocket Right Side) - 5" x 3"
Score 5" side @ 1/2", 4 1/2"
Score 3" Side @ 1/2"

What you need for the 'Midori Pocket Series'?

Hi lovelies,

I am so excited to be bringing you all this mini series. It is all about how to make travellers notebook pocket inserts. There will be 10 videos in this series and there will be a new video up every monday. Whilst I am writing this blog post the first video is uploading to youtube. YAY!

So I wanted to give you guys a bit of a heads up on what you will be needing to create the pockets that I will be teaching.


I recommend you use cardstock and not any flimsy pattern paper. You can decorate the outsides with pattern paper but not use it to create your pockets.

So cardstock is usually 210gsm that should be your starting point and you can use a bit thicker then that but I wouldn't recommend much thicker.

What size I hear you ask? Well you have to have some 12x12 cardstock lying around because some of the pockets will require you to use 12x12. However some of the smaller pockets are so small that you could probably use your scrap cardstock or even an A4 size paper.

Those are my recommendations on what kind of paper to use when creating the pockets.


I recommend you use any wet glue that doesn't dry immediately and that is so that you have some time to wiggle the pockets around if you place it wrongly.

I buy this 1 litre craft glue by Mont Marte from Red Dot and put it into a smaller tube as needed.


I wanna begin by saying I highly recommend you buy a scoring board. Why you ask? Well because it is a very handy tool in a lot of different paper related hobbies such as box making, card making, pocket making, mini albums and so much more. They are really in expensive and you can find them in most craft stores and also online.

What does a scoring board do? Well it does just that 'Scoring'. It leaves a slightly indented lines in your paper so you can fold it easily and neatly without your paper cracking.

I use the Martha Stewart scoring board and its my favourite because it allows you to score at every 1/8" and trust me that is very handy.

I bought my scoring board from

Although you could try to line your paper with a ruler and use something like a paper clip or a bone folder to score your paper it just takes so much of your time that you probably will give up before you even start.

So my conclusion on a scoring board. It is a must have in every craft room.


So this is my trick into pocket making. It is one I haven't heard from anyone else (maybe somebody already came up with it but I haven't heard of it). When you imagine a pocket in your mind, you imagine something that has a bit of give so you can easily put things in and out. However as you all will know paper doesn't exactly have that give that perhaps fabric does. But in this trick of mine I show you a very easy way to make paper have that slight give.

You will need some sort of a foam pad. I happen to have a foam pad but if you didn't you could very easily use craft foam that you get for kids craft and fold it in half so it is a little bit thicker.

All you do in this step is take your paper place it on top of the foam and get your bone fold and whilst gently pressing on the paper move your bone folder forwards and backwards until your paper starts to curve up. That is exactly what you want. Now hold your curved piece of paper against another paper and see the difference.

You see! This tip is extremely a must do for pocket making with paper.

I hope you are ready for some awesome pocket making. I truly hope you learn heaps and enjoy this mini series.

If you have any questions on general pocket making or any future comments on particular pockets I teach please do not hesitate to leave your questions in the video comments or leave me a message on facebook I will definitely get back to you.

Speak very soon



Wednesday, 12 August 2015

How to make your own Non - Stick Craft Mat

Hi guys,

Omg I am so excited. Like I can't describe how excited I am. Everytime I can DIY something is a good day but also when I can save a ton of money is an even better day.

Today I was in Kmart buying some supplies for an upcoming mini series on my youtube channel. I also bought a foam board to place on my desk when I am working.

Well now look I have also been wanting a Non-stick craft mat for sometime and haven't got around to buying it.

So today just as I was putting away the things I bought. I had a little moment between looking at the foam board and the clear adhesive book cover that I had bought. Then it all just happened. The idea went right off in my head and that was to put the book cover on top of my foam board and create my very own Non - stick craft mat.

Arghhhhh you seriously had to see the happy dance I was doing. You would be like mmm is she OK?

I am ok I am just excited OK! hehe

So anyway I show this wonderful idea in the video and after I shot and uploaded the video another wonderful idea came to me and that was to tape the edges with washi tape as they were annoying me. Plus I didn't want them to get damaged over time.

I really hope you guys like this idea of mine and make your very own cheap. awesome. amazing. wonderful Non - Stick craft mat.

Have a great night guys

speak very soon


The supplies:
Foam Board - Kmart
Clear Self Adhesive Book Cover - Kmart
Washie Tape - Spotlight

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Accordion Flower Embellishment


So today I am sharing a video on how to make and decorate Accordion Flower Embellishments.

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and give these adorable embellishments a try.

If you do, don't forget to tag me on instagram @filizlovepaper or on

What you need:
1" x 12" Paper
1" Circle
Hot glue
Scoring board

Monday, 10 August 2015

Paper Bows


Today I woke up nice and early ready for another filming day. I am hoping to have 2 videos up by the end of today. Fingers crossed. So far I have uploaded one yay lets hope I can get the second one done too, if not it will be up tomorrow.

In this video I show you an easy way to make paper bows using the We Are Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. Super simple and super cute.

I hope you enjoy the video.

If you are going to be making some of these adorable bows your self don't forget to tag me on Instagram @filizlovepaper or on I absolutely love seeing your creations.

Speak very soon



The measurements:
Paper (Bow) 1"x 7 1/8"
Paper (Middle) 1/4" x 4"

DIY Drawer Organiser


Oh my finally!!! This video seriously took the living out of me!!! I am new to this whole filming and editing thing so this video was a lot more work and time to film and edit. If I tell you guys it took me the whole entire day would you believe me? Well It did take a whole bloody day!!! Phew tho I am so glad its over and I truly hope that you guys love it. Plus I guess like they say 'you learn by doing' and I learnt so much.

So I occasionally enjoy box making. Recently my drawers were getting a little out of hand and I decided to combine my box making hobby to good use by making boxes that would act as dividers in my drawers.

In this video I show you how to make 3 different sized boxes and also you get to come along with me and organise my stationary drawer. Plus I show you another creative way to use the boxes.

Here are some shots from before and after of my organised stationary.
Ps: All that time and effort and I still managed to forget a photo of the stationary before shot that was meant to be added to the video.

Also I share another way to use these boxes and it is my desk organiser. I put my most reached for items in there and I absolutely love it.

Hope you enjoy the video and it helps you re organise your drawers or any other part of your space.

Speak very soon



Here are the Measurements:

8" x 8" Box
1 x Cardstock 12" x 12"
4 x Liners 1 15/16" x 7 15/16"
4 Decorative Edges 1" x 8"

3"x 8" Box
1 x Cardstock 7" x 12"
2 Liners 1 15/16" x 7 15/16"
2 Liners 1 15/16" x 2 15/16"
2 Decorative Edges 1" x 8"
2 Decorative Edges 1" x 3"

3" x 3" Box
1 x Cardstock 7" x 7"
4 Liners - 1 15/16" x 2 15/16"
4 Decorative Edges 1" x 3"

Sunday, 9 August 2015

How to read a RULER!

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you are all having a wonderful morning. I sure am bright up and early ready for a huge crafty day. I have video to film which I will be uploading late today. Before I got on with that I thought of something that I wanted to share with you guys.

When I first started crafting people be like 1/4" and 1/8" and I be like huh come again? Lol for real I mean call me stupid but thats how I was especially being Aussie we don't do things in Inches. I tried really hard to find someone to explain measurements but unfortunately I didn't find the information I needed until I had come across a website ( I can't remember now the name) that clearly laid out the measurements on a ruler and ever since that day I get it. I get it you guys ( I feel like I have conquered something lol).

So today I wanted to show you a basic sketch I have done of a ruler to help you 'get it'.

Up there I have basically zoomed in between 0" and 1" to show you clearly each measurement. 

I hope that helps solve your questions about the measurements you hear in videos including mine.

When I was first getting the hang of Inches I wrote it out on a sticker sheet and stuck it on my ruler. It really helped me. But now I am just too lazy to remove it so its stuck there for life!!! 

Anyways guys I hope this post truly helps you. If you are still confused and have any questions please don't hesitate to message me I will be more then happy to help (always). 

Keep an eye out on my youtube channel later today I have an awesome DIY on how to organise your drawers. You guys are going to love it and like all my other videos its so simple to make!!! 
Cant wait to share it with you guys.

Speak very soon



'LOL' Layout

Hey everyone,

This weekend I have decided to play along with the challenges over at clique kits on their Facebook page. For my first challenge I decided to play along with Adele's (aka inkiequill) challenge to use multiple photos on one layout.  I was certainly challenged but wasn't going to give up.

Firstly I decided on a set of photos I really wanted to scrap. Once I had the photos I knew I wanted it all to go down in a row. Next I had to work out my title. I also definitely knew that I wanted to use the word 'LOL' because seriously did we laugh our asses off in those set of photos and all for the sake of one proper family shot.

The 'LOL' title was done using my Brother Scan N Cut Machine. I designed it on the Canvas (the online design software for Brother Scan n Cut) then brought the design over to my machine and cut it out on a cream colour card stock by Franchivelle.

For the background of the letters I first played with some patterned paper and realised Nah Uh I don't like it. So then went to what feels more comfortable and that is my watercolours. I watercolored an A4 white cardstock in an Ombre effect using shades of yellows and oranges. Then stuck the 12x12 layout on top of the watercoloured paper.  I outlined the words with a fine liner as I felt they didn't stand out as much as I would have liked it too. On the two top photos I layered the photos on a yellow card stock and the bottom photos layered them on an orange cardstock.

For embellishments I kept it really simple and not too busy as I wanted the whole focus to be on the photos and the giant title. I decided on the cluster on the left hand corner and also a small cluster on the right.  The tag and the paper clip embellishment were completely handmade by me and I felt both those looked perfect on this layout. Layered a doily under the tag, couple of enamel dots and tiny word stickers and I called it done on that side. Oh also a touch of washi tape too. Then on the other side I cut up an orange paper into a tag and layered a homemade epoxy sticker on top and dated the layout.

I hope you guys like the layout and I hope my explanations above were clear.

Speak to you guys very soon



Friday, 7 August 2015

PL Pocket 'Pocket' Cards

Hi guys,

Hows it going? Hope all is well.

Woo Hoo look at me go. Second video and its my second day on youtube. woo!!! I am so excited to be finally being on youtube and sharing my love for all things crafty.  I really do hope you learn and have fun along side with me on this youtube journey of mine.

Today's video is about Project life Pocket 'Pocket' Cards. Lol I know you probably thinking WAT DA?
But trust me its amazing!!! Its basically a pocket to put into your project life pockets. Its so that you can have an adorable way to display your memorabilia. Oh and I don't only share one way but 2 different pockets projects in the video.

I show you a really easy step by step on how to do it and I really hope you find it helpful and give it a try. If you do wish to give it a try please don't forget to tag me on Instagram @filizlovepaper or on my Facebook page It brings me so much joy to see what you guys create from my tutorials!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day

Speak again very soon



Thursday, 6 August 2015

Im now on Youtube!!!

Hi all you lovelies out there,

I have finally taken up the courage and posted my very first Youtube video. How exciting!!!
I have spent the last few weeks ( whilst waiting for my tripod to arrive) learning how to edit videos, since I have absolutely no experience with filming or editing videos. I must say I am pretty proud of my self with how my first video turned out.

My first video is a DIY on an adorable mini envelope paper clip. It is so cute and totally functioning as it opens and you can pop a little message in there. This paper clip will be the perfect accessories to any planners but certainly can be used in a variety of craft projects too.

I really hope that you guys enjoy the video. Please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more awesome DIY videos. I plan to post very regularly so keep an eye out. 
If you decide to make this paper clip please don't forget to tag me on Instagram @filizlovepaper. I really enjoy seeing you creations.