Wednesday, 12 August 2015

How to make your own Non - Stick Craft Mat

Hi guys,

Omg I am so excited. Like I can't describe how excited I am. Everytime I can DIY something is a good day but also when I can save a ton of money is an even better day.

Today I was in Kmart buying some supplies for an upcoming mini series on my youtube channel. I also bought a foam board to place on my desk when I am working.

Well now look I have also been wanting a Non-stick craft mat for sometime and haven't got around to buying it.

So today just as I was putting away the things I bought. I had a little moment between looking at the foam board and the clear adhesive book cover that I had bought. Then it all just happened. The idea went right off in my head and that was to put the book cover on top of my foam board and create my very own Non - stick craft mat.

Arghhhhh you seriously had to see the happy dance I was doing. You would be like mmm is she OK?

I am ok I am just excited OK! hehe

So anyway I show this wonderful idea in the video and after I shot and uploaded the video another wonderful idea came to me and that was to tape the edges with washi tape as they were annoying me. Plus I didn't want them to get damaged over time.

I really hope you guys like this idea of mine and make your very own cheap. awesome. amazing. wonderful Non - Stick craft mat.

Have a great night guys

speak very soon


The supplies:
Foam Board - Kmart
Clear Self Adhesive Book Cover - Kmart
Washie Tape - Spotlight

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