Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pl Layout Week 34

Hello lovelies,

I am still battling with what I thought was a flu but turns out more like a throat infection!! 
Since I barely slept last night and my voice pretty much doesn't exist I thought I will get my Project Life layout done for last week.
I think this will be the first time I am posting my Pl layout here on my blog!!! So YAY!

Anyway last week was a good week from Pl's point of view because I got upto a couple of things. Thats is good from Pl's point of view because there is more photos to share.

I am sure people out there who do weekly Pl can relate that some weeks can be really dull with barely anything except your usual routine. However I still think weekly Pl if you can keep up is the best form of Pl. Yes it can be struggle to keep up or have much to say but even that little bit you had to say or add to your pl will seem so important many years from now. 
That is what I keep in mind when I am doing Pl. Which brings me to a point and that is Journaling. I am a huge journaler (thats not a word, but you know what I mean). Although we may know what some of these pictures may mean to us now or even in a years time but most likely many many years from now we are not going to remember the small details of what these memories were all about and thats why I make sure I take the time to journal almost about every photo. 

I hope you enjoy last weeks layouts and I will speak to you all very soon. 



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