Friday, 7 August 2015

PL Pocket 'Pocket' Cards

Hi guys,

Hows it going? Hope all is well.

Woo Hoo look at me go. Second video and its my second day on youtube. woo!!! I am so excited to be finally being on youtube and sharing my love for all things crafty.  I really do hope you learn and have fun along side with me on this youtube journey of mine.

Today's video is about Project life Pocket 'Pocket' Cards. Lol I know you probably thinking WAT DA?
But trust me its amazing!!! Its basically a pocket to put into your project life pockets. Its so that you can have an adorable way to display your memorabilia. Oh and I don't only share one way but 2 different pockets projects in the video.

I show you a really easy step by step on how to do it and I really hope you find it helpful and give it a try. If you do wish to give it a try please don't forget to tag me on Instagram @filizlovepaper or on my Facebook page It brings me so much joy to see what you guys create from my tutorials!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day

Speak again very soon




  1. I love your blog so much! Tomorrow I will be doing a post on my Erin Condren planner. I hope you stop by! - Seri from

    1. Thank you lovely. I sure will check it out.