Monday, 17 August 2015

What you need for the 'Midori Pocket Series'?

Hi lovelies,

I am so excited to be bringing you all this mini series. It is all about how to make travellers notebook pocket inserts. There will be 10 videos in this series and there will be a new video up every monday. Whilst I am writing this blog post the first video is uploading to youtube. YAY!

So I wanted to give you guys a bit of a heads up on what you will be needing to create the pockets that I will be teaching.


I recommend you use cardstock and not any flimsy pattern paper. You can decorate the outsides with pattern paper but not use it to create your pockets.

So cardstock is usually 210gsm that should be your starting point and you can use a bit thicker then that but I wouldn't recommend much thicker.

What size I hear you ask? Well you have to have some 12x12 cardstock lying around because some of the pockets will require you to use 12x12. However some of the smaller pockets are so small that you could probably use your scrap cardstock or even an A4 size paper.

Those are my recommendations on what kind of paper to use when creating the pockets.


I recommend you use any wet glue that doesn't dry immediately and that is so that you have some time to wiggle the pockets around if you place it wrongly.

I buy this 1 litre craft glue by Mont Marte from Red Dot and put it into a smaller tube as needed.


I wanna begin by saying I highly recommend you buy a scoring board. Why you ask? Well because it is a very handy tool in a lot of different paper related hobbies such as box making, card making, pocket making, mini albums and so much more. They are really in expensive and you can find them in most craft stores and also online.

What does a scoring board do? Well it does just that 'Scoring'. It leaves a slightly indented lines in your paper so you can fold it easily and neatly without your paper cracking.

I use the Martha Stewart scoring board and its my favourite because it allows you to score at every 1/8" and trust me that is very handy.

I bought my scoring board from

Although you could try to line your paper with a ruler and use something like a paper clip or a bone folder to score your paper it just takes so much of your time that you probably will give up before you even start.

So my conclusion on a scoring board. It is a must have in every craft room.


So this is my trick into pocket making. It is one I haven't heard from anyone else (maybe somebody already came up with it but I haven't heard of it). When you imagine a pocket in your mind, you imagine something that has a bit of give so you can easily put things in and out. However as you all will know paper doesn't exactly have that give that perhaps fabric does. But in this trick of mine I show you a very easy way to make paper have that slight give.

You will need some sort of a foam pad. I happen to have a foam pad but if you didn't you could very easily use craft foam that you get for kids craft and fold it in half so it is a little bit thicker.

All you do in this step is take your paper place it on top of the foam and get your bone fold and whilst gently pressing on the paper move your bone folder forwards and backwards until your paper starts to curve up. That is exactly what you want. Now hold your curved piece of paper against another paper and see the difference.

You see! This tip is extremely a must do for pocket making with paper.

I hope you are ready for some awesome pocket making. I truly hope you learn heaps and enjoy this mini series.

If you have any questions on general pocket making or any future comments on particular pockets I teach please do not hesitate to leave your questions in the video comments or leave me a message on facebook I will definitely get back to you.

Speak very soon



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